Its another one of those Fridays. The brain's too tired for getting anything worthwhile done, but there's no way its shutting down anytime soon. A couple hours of Netflix, some of which I'm wondering how they found their way to my queue in the first place.

I was going to get a head start on the weekend this evening, but thankfully my good friend Brian called. He's working for a new corporate jet firm now and had just landed a client here in town and had a few hours to kill. Brian was my partner in crime for the infamous PGH to NYC move of '02. In 24 hours, he and I loaded a van full of my junk, found our way to Hoboken (in the dark, no less), unloaded all my junk, and got that van back to PGH. It was a feat of bacheloric proportions (Brian contributing vicariously, as he had been married for a while at that point). He managed most of the drive back while I caught some sleep in the back of the van and nursed my flesh wounds. I remember having them, but don't remember exactly what they were from (it was the middle of summer so likely the half-pipe). There was a good deal of discussion on predestination as well. That was a good, long day.

So anyway tonight he drove over from the airport after getting some refresher directions and we caught up for a few hours. Its always good to hear the news on all the folks from the old church / community. I don't get back there as often as I should like, and I hope to change that in the near future - I miss my friends there. Brian and I are thinking about doing a sprint-tri together this summer, which would be a good warm-up for a real one in the next couple years. I think we could both do it. Not in Iron Man qualifying time, surely, but we could do it, all the same. Anyhow we talked for a bit, called his wife Jess to say "hi" - she was in Laguna Beach, and I tried remembering some good restaurants to send her to - and then he took off for the airport again.

I've flown a few times - in fact, Brian was my training pilot when I successfully pulled off my first touch-n-go landing, which was fun - and I can see why he enjoys it, but I don't think I'd dig it full-time. I think I could do a helicopter, maybe, but not jets. At least not jets without cannons.

Tomorrow will need to be a productive Saturday. The worst kind.

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