Well I just haven't seemed to have it in me to blog at the frenetic pace I was at up until I left Macy's. And its been almost 2 months now. Que sera, and all that.

Finally got around to checking out some of my tracking information, noticed someone had reached me through googling "Redeemer Presbyterian Church Manhattan blog." Funny thing is that those terms didn't bring up my site til the 45th result, middle of the 5th page. Pulled up my November archive too, for some reason. So I meandered back to the initial results. The 2nd result of about 969 was this post. Interesting blog, haven't had a chance to read too much of it yet, but if you read the comments to his post, there are a couple responses from who appears to be the pastor of my church, Tim Keller.

Now, I already knew that he surfs blogs and I'm sure a plethora of other stuff online (he is, I am sure, one of the most well-read people I know of), but that got me thinking that he may of at some point stumbled across my blog. Or if not, could very well, in the future. Which would be, well, embarrassing. I don't say much of any import, and when I do try to put together a theological post of some nature, its often quite influenced by what I've been learning in my church experiences of late. And I don't doubt that my inept regurgitation of the quality info I've been able to absorb is, to say the least, lacking.

The closest I may have come to a decent relay of any of his material was when I posted my notes from his sermon on anger last fall, and that was simply my straight-up notes, no personal input to boot.

So there's my little disclaimer to you, Pastor K, if you ever do stumble this way. Imitation the highest form of flattery and all that.

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