Well, cheaters posts for 2 nights straight now. I've made good on the getting-back- to-daily-blogging deal, though...one way or another.

I've got no links and even less energy tonight. No time to surf this week, for various reasons. I'll try to squeeze in a little tomorrow for the sole sake of throwing some links up, but I've got my work cut out for me with actual work, plus I have to clean up the joint as it turns out K-train is coming to crash here this weekend with Evonne. And I'm not going to be here to welcome them Friday as I'm headed to AC all night for Rob's bachelor party. I feel like I should back out, I just know I'm going to drop a hunge and come back wishing I had it, but it'll be fun, and I've stayed out of Vegas, AC, and Tahoe for 5 straight years now, so I'm due.

Saturday night I'm hanging with Titus while his rents celebrate their anniversary, Sunday is ushering with the youth group then probably Star Wars that night. I'd like to go to the beach on Monday but who knows. Maybe it'll rain, in which case there will be nobody on the beach. I love the beach when its raining. Best time to surf, too. The real kind.

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