Its Friday and the links are a day overdue. I have a few hours before I take off for AC for the night, and have to clean the place for those who will be staying here in my absence. Hence, I present you with:

Links I have barely looked at, but you might want to check out. I've spent next to no time at any of these links, but they are the first things that caught my attention in 15 minutes of surfing just now.

First off, ironically, the Annotated NY Times.

I didn't look into this one b/c it ain't that time of year for me. But it will be again, not soon enough.

I'll be going back to Macintosh Garden when I have some time to screw around.

I'm a sucker for dogs, so puppybreak looks like a great way to take a break. Second dog link of the week is Dog Island, which sounds just plain weird.

This looks funny but as I'm not looking for a geek guy I didn't read much of it.

Sooner or later I'll start giving free net telephony a twirl.

Scott's 20 Questions on how the net works.

Small ads from the UK looks funny. Possible content warning as I only looked at the first one - something about 30 chinamen and a zepplin.

Find out who you share your birthday with. Or if you're looking to get depressed, find out what other people had accomplished by your age.

My roommate sent me that annual email with the attachment of practically everything that's going on in NYC this summer. Its a handy tool, drop me an email/IM/comment if you'd like me to send it your way. This is just some of the free music, the attachment I have covers that and a whole lot more.

Last but not least your barely-looked-at google link of the week is googleblog. There's lots of blogs about google out there for the perusing, but I figure blogger's version is the official thing (although you have to deal with some of the corporate self-promo).

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everybody. Tired post-trip posting tomorrow, who-knows-what Sunday, and a Memorial Day post for Memorial Day. How fitting.

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