Long day.

Out the door early as I had to train in today - C&M were out of town so I had no ride. Planned to get some prep work done on the PATH for the lessons, but ran into my old gym buddy Kevin on the platform, waiting for the train. Haven't seen him in months (since my membership ran out and I didn't bother renewing). It was good to catch up and he seems to be doing well. Did a little bit on the shorter F train ride uptown.

Planned to get another 15 minutes in as I was early for church, but got into a good convo with the usher standing near me as there weren't many people around that early. Turns out she's Max McLean's wife - if you're part of the PCA somewhere you've probably heard his voice at one point or another - he has an incredible voice and has put it to good use. He's been recorded reading the entire Bible for professional and personal audio use, and I even once heard him being played in a small PCA outside Fort Worth, TX. He does performances of the Gospel of Mark that are just incredible, and often is the live scripture reader in our worship services. More about Max here and here. Anyway his wife introduced me to him at one point and I was glad to finally meet him as I've seen him around a lot and he seems to have a very winsome personality. She and I talked a bit more as they have a daughter that lives in Hoboken so they're here on a regular basis.

Church was good, then off with the kids to the offices. Did a relatively decent lesson on how both respect and responsibility are more important than rights, when we remember to keep our perspective on the image of God that we're created in (it makes more sense when you get the whole lesson). It was at least better than the krep job I did a couple weeks ago. Then we had our Max Q trip meeting to review the journals the kids have been working on.

Got to Hoboken in time for the evening service, and headed to George and Jerm's place to watch the 2nd Star Wars with a few of the guys.

Finally home, no energy to blog. Instead I placate you with the plethora of pictures from the U2 concert. Things I've learned about my camera this week: 1) always use the flash when you're unsure of the light conditions, even if its a rock concert, and 2) go get a tripod. Now.

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