Well hey, how about that - its Thursday again already. I've done less than very little net surfing this week thanks in great part to my newest toy. Its taken SOF2 to a whole new level for me. Its like being on a special forces team without having to worry about getting shot. Or something. Anyway, its cool.

So what can I dig up on the fly?

I can tell you that on the day I was born, Shadow Dancing by Andy Gibb was number 1 on the charts.

Or that Camophone is a pretty cool idea, and
Search engine decoder
is mildly interesting.

I can tell you there's a new Strong Bad Email up but you really should have viewed it by this point since it comes out on Mondays. God bless those boys for putting the new ones up on Mondays. Like a soothing balm for the wretched wound that the first day of the work week can be.

I can point out the fact that God stopped me from finding this site for the first 5 years of my post-college employment so that I would still have a job today. He is good, all the time.

I could warn you to watch out for stray books.

I could cheat on the google link-o-the-week and instead give you a preview of where Google maps will soon go: Earth View.

And when I run out of links, I could simply direct you to the end of the internet.

I learned a long time ago what happens when I make blithe promises to my blog - I rarely come through on them. Its because I know she won't yell at me when I don't. She just quietly sits and waits and greets me every time, whether or not I've come to put down more blather. Anyway, with that said, as I sit here with my horrible sinus infection / chest congestion / throbbing head...my aim is to get back to daily posting. Expect them to be short. But tomorrow starts with a long overdue personal update. Which should be about 6 sentences long based on how loathe I am to post that kind of thing.

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Anonymous said...

David - I am not your blog and I am expecting to check in on Monday to see that you posted how you are feeling (better I hope) - your blog can't tell you she misses you like I do - we haven't talked in so long (well since your new job took over) so can we please talk soon. I need to hear your voice and know you are okay, other than hearing second hand by my better half. Love - H