Time for a little photoblography. Nothing from the crap cam here, these are all from the real deal camera, starting with the moving weekend straight through the wedding this past weekend, with a yummy Whistler vacation bonus to wrap things up.

Guess which train station I got to wait around in at the start of moving weekend.

I like taking pictures of my shadow. I don't know why.

This is me totally hanging 10 out of the back of the massive Uhaul I got to drive around while we were towing and hauling stuff. Every moving trip should have an obligatory boogie board to play with.

Brec made PB&Js, then stacked them back in the same bag the bread came in. I had never seen anyone do this before, or else I just don't remember ever seeing it before, but it made quite the impression with me as quite possibly the coolest idea I've seen in a not too very long time. So I took some pictures of it.

Grace, Brec, Jack, and Dave looking tough.

Just the guys, looking tough.

This is as close as I got to DC's blooms this year. Well, I was closer this past weekend for the wedding, but they had been pretty much rained off the trees by that point. Anyway, this was one from Philly on my way back to the train station. Hoboken had some nice blooms too, but I only have crap cam shots of that. Perhaps to come.

Also from the drive back to the train station, this interesting sign.

Everyone was really glad Robbie made it out for the wedding. Everyone is always really glad to see her. Anyway, this is just too much good lookingness for one picture. Look away before you damage your eyes.

There's all kinds of smiles. Fake smiles, big smiles, regular smiles, smirk smiles. But then there's real smiles. There were a lot of these on Saturday.

Ok so after youth group on Sunday, I scanned up some of Kuz's pictures from the vacation. Being as Kuz was behind the camera for these ones, they're naturally mostly of the older sis and myself. Also a couple of Stel, their friend who totally rips on a snowboard, so she's the other gal (the one without the helmet). Click on this picture of me feeling out a sketchy line to see the rest of them (and leave me a comment if the link doesn't get you into the album).

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