Quarter to frickin 3 in the morning again, for the second night in a row. I hope tomorrow doesn't hurt as bad as today did. Laying in bed waiting for the Nyquil to kick in so I figured I'd get the blog post in for Saturday (technically) after all, instead of begging it off tomorrow. There just wasn't 4 straight minutes of downtime today, between getting ready for the party and actually pulling it off, not to mention being sick throughout. I have no voice at this point, so its providential that I won't be teaching tomorrow.

Its just church, parents meeting for the Max Q trip, and then NAP, and I hope to hit evening service. Next week still on the beach with work, so blogging shouldn't be an issue.

Tough picture for a guy who drank water and stayed in the kitchen most of the night. Rawr. Many more to follow tomorrow. The party was a big hit. Lots to talk about...but...well hey that must be the Nyquil already.

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