So yesterday's not-quite-a-post marked a full week of daily posting, I am officially on a role. We're going to push the concert picture posting to tomorrow and throw up a few links for your clicking pleasure. Then we're going to eat our Friday evening Chinese and hit the sack, because we have PT for the thumb early in the morning...

Guess the Dictator and/or Television Sit-Com Character
is eerily accurate. I don't know a lot of sitcoms so I went mostly dictators.

Cool photoshopping
, although I wish you could blow them up a little more.

It won't be long until televisions are a thing of the past. There will simply be monitors, and these will run through computers, which will all have TV cards (I'm already thinking about getting one) and the cable companies will just pump the TV straight along with your bandwidth. Don't take my word for it.

Bunny suicides
is not funny and I did not laugh at it. I recommend that you do not click on it. Also it made me think of Toby, who I linked to long ago. So I went to go see what's going on with Toby now...poor guy has little more than a month left and still needs more than $20K.

A compendium of Apple's TV ads.

The ever-handy Cult Comparison Chart.

I need to finally get working on my Photoshop skills and hope to do some of that this weekend / early next week. When I do, I have the Photoshop Guru's Handbook to help me...

Urban Honking
seemed real cool when I first found it but since then they've redesigned the site and it doesn't appear to be at all what I first thought it was. I haven't had a chance to re-explore it, so this is just a bogus fodder link with no real endorsement.

Google link-o-the-week

Radio Locator is pretty cool.

If you're anything like me, you thought Where's Waldo was pretty cool for about 4 minutes, and then you hated it ever since. But there's a whole new way to play, and I'm falling in love all over again, for the very first time. Or something.

Lastly (ironically), I never thought this could happen. But I guess it makes sense.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, those bunny suicides had me crackin up. Could be that it's after 3am that I'm so easily amused...but then again, it's probably just me. (The Noah's ark is my fave...)

By the way...if I'm not mistaken, you posted the link to the end of the Internet just a week or so ago.

Could it be that this commitment to daily blogging is forcing you to attempt creativity, but in actuality just making you screw up? In addition to neglecting those around you? (So I've heard at least...)

Show us, your readers, a lil respect will ya David?