Yesterday was my first ever interview in track pants and a t shirt. Got home early to prepare and threw the classical play-list on for some study accompaniment. Of course it randomly pulled up Carmina Burana as its first choice. Not to be too dramatic or anything...

#3 went well. Bring on numero catorce, as Bono would say.

Today was more work, where the rate at which the disasters are occurring has now far exceeded the rate at which I can mitigate them. Never mind finding the time to actually do my job, which is generally done in the evenings, when I can spare them. Tonight I ran out, late, for the third instance of Christianity Uncorked. I met Chloe there, who I originally met via providence, Google, and my first post about CU, which I am completely unable to locate at this point. Google, by the way, returns no results now for the title event, which is more than a little odd, seeing as my blog mentions the phrase at least a couple times, and Google parents Blogger. I'm convinced something shady, perhaps some things, even, are going on over at Google. I better find a job there and get things straightened out for them.

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