Whoa! Its Thursday night already??? How did that happen? Not that I'm complaining, I'm ok with that. Thursday night means tomorrow is Friday and my boss is "working from home." I'd like a job where I can say those beautiful 3 words some day. That also means that tomorrow I may actually get a significant amount of the ridiculous loads of work that needs to be done, done. We'll see how much energy/tolerance I have in me when I roll in tomorrow.

Today I spent half the morning in my director's office, reviewing the newly released SI swimsuit edition (very nearly nudity warning). For work. I was getting paid, she was getting paid, everyone in there was looking at this magazine and discussing the suits in it and joking about the lack of suits in it and we were all getting paid for it. And I had my standard thought process:

This is my job. I can't believe this is my job.

Most guys would kill for this job. Me, I take what little solace I can find in the fact that this isn't my career.

I need a change.

I think I want a burger for lunch. Maybe chicken. Oooh, maybe I'll get both.
And you're all like, "Shut up, Dave. Where are the links?"

Ok, ok...I've been stalling. Fact is I'm usually a little more prepared than this, tonight kind of crept up on me, what with busy evenings and court dates and Important Meetings and magazine reviews and whatnot. So half my half-decent links are still on the work computer, and I'll just have to put them up in the morning. So if you're reading this post before roughly 8am on Friday (EST), check back for the added links tomorrow. After 8am. EST.

This week's theme (loosely) is dogs. I love dogs. The one above is my baby - Harriet. My family had to put her down last year. She was with us for almost 16 years, so even if you're not a pet-lover, maybe that gives you some idea of what its like to lose an animal that was with you every day for that long. She had her own bubbly personality, was fiercely protective of the family, chronically claustrophobic, and always just lots of fun. Like lots of Dobies, she used to walk up next to you, and then just lean a full half of her bodyweight against your leg. They just like to be firmly next to you. I miss her.

A lot of people don't treat their dogs right. Dogs Deserve Better is trying to stop that.

Oldie but goodie: Googlefight. Dogs clearly kick major cat arse.

More Google fun: Google Suggest. Kind of fun to play around with. Only takes two letters to get "dog" as the first result.

Even more Google fun (and usefulness): Google maps. Say goodbye to Mapquest, Mapblast, whoever. This service rocks. I was using it to find the nearest Kinko's location on Broadway the other day, and it just scrolls up and down the map instead of refreshing the screen. Totally gnarly. Not really related to dogs.

Not Google fun, at least for the guy writing it. Apparently he started writing it while at Google, which happens to own/parent Blogger, the service he was using to host his blog (same one I and many others use), and they ended up canning him over it. Dog factor: zero.

Probably already linked to this at some point, but its so doggone good that it deserves a re-link, if indeed that's the case. The Baha Men Commission Report. "Final Report of the National Commission on Who Let The Dogs Out."

A lot of people probably won't think this is funny at all. The creators of it sure seem to. You be the judge. No dogs here either, but I can say that I have absolutely no freakin clue how I found this site.

In case you weren't sure about the status of dogs, well, they rule. See the latest ad campaign around NYC. Also note the two-headed dog ads up around the city. My homey Godfrey had something to do with their art.

I think if I ever give another kick-start to the writing thing, for real, I'll start trying to get stuff submitted online, instead of in print, for starters. This would be altogether new and different. I suppose it might give me some guidance / critique / encouragement on what to bother trying to develop and get published, and what not to bother with. Anyway, this might be one of a few good venues to start with. Also no relation to dogs.

In the interest of ending on track, congrats to Carlee, taker of Best in Show at this year's WKC show.

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