Its Thursday. Or it was, recently. Either way, here be the goodies.

NYU's Veritas Forum. Ends tomorrow night. Hopefully I'll find out about this one sooner next year.

Last week I linked to a good and right site, supporting the hatred of clowns. This week's object of our disdain is Grandpa Joe. Just say no.

Pretty funny, as far as babies go. Not sure how I found this site. Random blogging. Cool site at the end of it.

10x10. Click on "This is now." This guy also has an interesting home page.

Cool NYC reference site of the week, Place Matters. Via MUG, who rightly noted that census isn't nearly the right word for it. You may need to Macguyver your display resolution a little to view all their windows correctly.

I am almost seriously considering giving this Jet Blue bonanza a shot tomorrow morning. Guess it depends on if I get any sleep tonight. Funniest motto for a canned-food drive ever. Unless mom is reading this, in which case its just deplorable.

Mr. T Name Generator

Ipod vs. the Cassette. On a more serious note, Matt reports on the seemingly official end of the tape era.

Office Slang

England does Rocky

Ok this proves its existence, even if the site is lacking.

Perhaps the coolest online game ever.

Million Man Lan. If thinking this is cool makes me a nerd, I don't want to be cool. Or something.

The short on lie detection.

Brothers in Arms - true Normandy story recreated in a game format (violence warning).

Last, I officially take it upon myself to welcome Becca to the blogosphere. I just wish she could have joined us under less painful circumstances!

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Thanks for the welcome!