2005 marks the start of my 3rd year of participation with a men's accountability group, hosted by my roommate and I in our apartment, Tuesday nights at 8pm.

Aside from joining a home group shortly after moving to the city, this has been one of the most unexpectedly transformational undertakings I've engaged in over the last 3 years. I've accomplished certain feats that I know I would probably never have even thought to attempt without the support and encouragement of Jason, John, Michael, and guys who have moved away over the years (namely Scott and Bill).

I've learned more about who I am as a person and where my growth needs exist. I've learned an incredible amount about how honest sharing of very personal matters can help a person in so many ways. As we've prayed for each other, held each other up, suggested advice, and called each other to the line (though sometimes difficult), we've joined lasting bonds that are joyfully eternal.

I'm excited about the year to come and the lofty goals I've set for my personal growth. As usual, I'm already behind and have a significant amount of catch-up in the remains of 1st quarter. I often feel like the amount of work to be done in my life is so voluminous that these attempts I'm making are a more than a little like Michelangelo setting out to carve his David out of Half Dome. But I'm going to keep chipping away all the same.

If you're a Christian and don't have some means of accountability, I humbly suggest that you investigate the possibilities. Having someone who can honestly, sometimes brutally, but always lovingly tell you how it is - its simply an invaluable experience.

I hope to write more expanded thoughts on the dynamics of personal accountability in the future. I hope to do a lot of things in the future. Like right now, for instance: I hope to eat and spend some time prepping for interview #2, tomorrow morning. And if you want to know more about what that is, exactly, you'll have to contact me directly. Have to maintain a political level of non-disclosure on a blog I sometimes update from the office.

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