There is a desk at the very end of the west/downtown platform of the F train at the 63rd and Lex station on the UES. There is always a cop at this desk (at least at the many varied hours that I've used this platform). You officially know NYC if you can guess why there would be a cop in this particular location.

Picture is a little blurry because I was trying to hold the camera inconspicuously when I took the picture(s). Wasn't inconspicuous enough, because the one not sitting down started flipping out when he realized I had snapped a picture. I posited the question with him of whether it was in fact illegal (I happen to know for a fact that its not illegal, yet), but I kind of understood why he was ticked, given the nature of the location (if that gives you any hint as to why they were there). Fortunately, our disagreement lasted only about the extent of the time that the doors were open on the F train, and I was whisked away to safety.

More pics if you click the one above. You may have to log onto imagestation, they seem to have removed their easy-access html code for blog posting - I can't find it anywhere lately, at any rate. I'm studying up on my HTML, though, so maybe I'll figure how to do it myself with some clever trickery...

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