Ok far and away the best thing I've come across link-wise this past week has been Gaim. If you're still using AIM, you should convert. Now. (Thanks Dawn)

I've spent a little time here lately, though I don't think its told me much I wouldn't have come up with on my own.

Hopefully you weren't one of the few hundred thousand to have your information stored with Choicepoint. If you were, you've got some damage control to do on your credit report.

I first found the How Much is Inside people a while back, through their Goldschlager experience. Apparently they've been busy answering this question for all kinds of other products, produce, etc.. Probably should be a content warning here, but I didn't look around much.

Also via MUG this week, the Infinite Cat Project. I think I'm too tired to really appreciate this one right now. I'll check back later.

Get your daily Sportscenter Ad archive clip, here.

Pretty extensive theology resources over at The Threshold (or Monergism, or whatever their official name is). I haven't spent a lot of time here yet, but its good for reference - check out their systematic theology page, for instance - if that's not a plethora of links, I don't know what is. I plan to find more time to explore this one.

Jon is the first guy I ever worked on accountability with - Bruegger's in Sewickley was about halfway between our respective places and we had some good times there. He is an awesome dude and he is married to an awesome gal, Bekah, and this is his awesome new blog.

Geoff Petrie is the stupidest man in basketball. And I say this with pained love, but Sacramento is yet again the stupidest city in the game if they go along with this one. Of course, this is no suprise, they've been stupid for not supporting Webber for years. Now they will just be stupid and have worse season records. I think perhaps it may require moving away from the city for a fan to truly see such situations objectively.

That's about it. I may have a few more links at work to add in the morning, but I didn't get to that like I thought I would last week, and I doubt tomorrow will be any different. Should be a day of firsts for me, tomorrow. Should be interesting. And there's poker with the guys tomorrow night, so I know its going to end good, even if I get bad cards. Last time we played was probably the hardest I've laughed in years.

There's a dry, warm-temp corn snow accumulating outside - the kind of stuff that would be an awesome ride until about 2 seconds after sunlight hit it - perfect night-riding snow. Right now its probably pushing 3 inches. Should melt fast. Still gets me thinking, though...

No, can't do it. 30 Hour Famine with the kids this weekend, so there's no escaping just yet for me. I have a feeling I'll be up most of the night on Saturday, so maybe I'll finally get around to revamping the sidebar / links.

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