Well I didn't come up with any good posts but I did get some ideas and material together. That counts for something, right? Instead of doing much in the way of productive activity, I instead chose to watch copious amounts of movies and television this weekend, starting early (for me) on Friday evening and lasting clean through this evening - I just finished NBC's special on the first five years of SNL. There were brief pauses in the slavish viewing for things such as sleep, church, high school group, and evening service in Hoboken (haven't been in months, it seems).

I guess after being free from the box for so long, I needed a brain-drain binge. And yet I feel so...unsatisfied.

I don't see much work in my very near future, what with the snow and the conspicuous lack of Persons in Positions of Authority that I'm sure will exist in the office tomorrow. On top of which, I get the feeling that I'm going to be developing that old eye problem in the near future ("...I just can't see coming in to work today..."), for either very good, or very, very bad reasons. S'alright, I've earned it either way.

Did I mention that its snowing? I had 3 pieces of Aussie licorice tonight after dinner and that should be more than enough to keep me up most of the night to watch it get whiter, and I have no problem with that. I desperately need to move to a climate more conducive to indulging my neuroses - somewhere that it snows more deeply and often. Preferably at the extreme end of a Teutonic plate.

Some of the material that I came up with this week may in fact be the second half-decent book idea I've had in a good long while, and so the long evaluative process has begun again. Is this something enough people would be interested in? Do you have enough material for enough chapters? Ok, well, could you fodder up enough? Would a publisher even give this the time of day? Did someone already get around to writing about this? Ok, well, could you make this sound different enough? Etc.

A few things I saw this weekend (in real life, actually, not on TV) that I wish I had my camera with me for:

The Gates (yesterday at the bottom of the park, last week - pretty much throughout the park while running the circle)

Two Brinks guards, with their handguns drawn, on 6th Ave between 54th and 55th, dutifully protecting the boxes of pennies that they were unloading. Like anyone could run away with a box if they tried anyway.

A pigeon walking around in the third floor lobby of Port Authority last night, while waiting for the bus. I mean I was waiting for the bus. The bird didn't seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere.

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Dawn said...

You'll never know if you don't start writing. :-)

A friend of mine started a novel by forcing himself to write two pages a day--I didn't read much of it so it may or may not have turned out well, but his thought was that at the very least he'd be able to say he wrote a novel, and it was a good writing discipline.