Aight, so I never got around to updating Thursday's links this morning. Work got in the way, all day long. How annoying. So, a few more goodies.

Are you 1337? Are your kids? Do you even know? Scaaaaarrrrry.

More dog goodies - Fidofinder - basically an online dog lost and found.

More google goodies - biggest list of different google logo variations over the years that I've been able to find.

As I type this there's about 13 hours, 41 minutes, and 5 seconds til pitchers and catchers report for the greatest baseball team ever.

Tonight I've started playing around with Filangy. Its interesting. Get Firefox first if you don't already have it. If I get some free invites for Filangy (it seems to work like Gmail, and this is only the beta version), I'll post them here.

Speaking of beta versions, I just nailed high score on Joel's new game, as yet unreleased. I've been jostling with the other beta tester for a while to get it, but I took it with authority tonight. Link to come when the game is released...

Will try to come up with some good posts this weekend, but for now I'm toast. Time for the Friday crash.

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