It goes on

I've never given much credence to the general idea of time. Life just exists, it just is, and then it is gone - a brief candle. Time...its such a finite, fixed concept. Small, really, in the scheme of things.

If you try and sit and manufacture ideas about eternity - attempt to comprehend God as always being and always will be and existing outside of time altogether - well, you don't sit and think about it very long. You realize you can't really get your mind around it, rather, its something that is around your mind, and you just shrug shoulders and move on (I wonder what's for dinner...). You exist in time, but to Him its a moot point - less than a flash in the pan, and that's just the way it is.

What's another day, or for that matter another second, or even a year, or a thousand of them? How many of them will there have been, in the end, when there's no longer any reason to count them? Will they even have ever really been years? Or will we see it then as He sees it now? If we suddenly come to exist outside of time as well, will there be a need for the concept at all?

(Reign in random philosophical wandering.)

The year just past has certainly faded away quicker than any of my twenty-some, and I fear the next will continue to accelerate. But it was a wonderful year. I, as ever I should, look back and can only marvel - "surely goodness and mercy have followed me all the days of my life."

Days of my life. Time will move on, and then someday there won't be any of it left. I wonder what it will be like when we've moved beyond it.

In the meantime (ha), there's work to be done. A time that must be redeemed - a coin that I can't bury. I'm excited about the coming year, the possibilities and the opportunities it provides, the unknowns that certainly wait in its wings.

So teach us to number our days,
That we may gain a heart of wisdom.
-- Ps. 90:12

Happy new year.

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