Back in the race

So its early Friday morning already. Rewind.

Monday's dinner went well, then we went home and went through our annual family prayer requests. Each year we all sit down and share what our requests were for last year and what God has done with them in the past 365. Then we share our goals/PRs for the coming year. Its something we all really look forward to.

Tuesday the rent's took off for their day with their friends, shopping and eating and whatnot. We stayed and cleaned and prepared. I took off for a bit to pick up some belated X-mas gifts (wines) and get some of my all-time favorite hot dog goodness.

The evening was nice, families and fellowship and fun. Then it was Wednesday and I flew all day and really didn't feel like writing much of anything. Then it was today, and I worked, then met up with the kids from Texas. Times Square, Burger Joint, Columbus Circle, Central Park, UWS, back to the 'boken where we closed down Maxwell's, and that brings us to the now.

Thursday's past but here's the links anyhow:

I feel kind of bad mocking them, but hey - it ain't exactly the Gospel approach. Move to South Carolina and secede!

For someone who's attempted a few drawings in ballpoint pen, I am sufficiently impressed by this.

Rest easy - Congress has (finally) concluded hearings on just who exactly did, in fact, let the dogs out.

You may have heard about the recent sale on ebay of the grilled cheese sandwich bearing the likeness of Jesus. I guess anything is possible when it comes to spiritual visage revelations in cheesy snack concoctions.

If you've seen the tsunami footage, and your brain works anything like mine, you may have thought of the last scene in Deep Impact, where the asteroid causes a massive tsunami to hit the Eastern seaboard. You see the water rush out to sea to help form the oncoming wave, much like we saw in reality after the earthquake recently. Then I read this. Not exactly comforting.

And, speaking of hot dogs, how about a shout out to some good ol Grover boys, keeping it real in the 'burgh. Can't wait to get back and be a patron.


jon said...

After we paid for our kids summer camp theme we found it tough to recover! I totally agree with you!

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