Many people visit my blog via the results page of a given search engine (Google, Yahoo, or some other engine). Some of the searches that have lead to my page(s) recently:

"december posted wedding dress for sale classifieds" (Yahoo)
"bursting small bladders" (MSN's sympatico)
"kids blog 'over my knee'" (Yahoo - 220th result, go figure)
"christianity uncorked" (Google)
"'If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.' -C.S. Lewis" (Yahoo, 9th result - cool)
"scuba divers miscount" (Yahoo)
"21 grams doctor true or false" (MSN)
"'metro card' +hack" (Yahoo, I think)

Hope you all found what you were looking for. I'm guessing only one of you found it here. So to speak.

One way I was found was by being at the top (alphabetically) of the list for what was at one time the third book down in All Consuming's archive. Interesting site.

I obviously get many hits from searches for "kinds of time" or "all kinds of time." Currently "all kinds of time" results me 3rd on Yahoo and nowhere in the first 10 pages on Google, I didn't bother looking further. "allkindsoftime" (no spaces) nets me 1st on Google, which kind of bugs me, and explains why most search results I get are Yahoo rather than Google. Tells you something about how Google frames their searches, as well (i.e. by actual address rather than by page title). I expect I'll figure ways to affect that as I build the new site this year.

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