Links. Quality over quantity, tonight.

In the same comp animation vein as JibJab, check out one of the cool shorts over at Shockwave - Rockfish. If you haven't seen the JibJab goodies yet, I recommend "This Land," "Good to be in DC," and of course, "Ahnuld for Governor."

Wine info.

Airport info.

Tolkien info.

Read an article about this dude, who is apparently famous for waiting in line for Star Wars movies to come out. You may be able to locate the article or others through his blog. I have to say, for a guy who sits on a couch all day, I would expect a better blog.

Couple a cool kids from the alma mater, kickin it rock style this Sunday eve in the Village.

For the AP (enjoy, you AP nazis, and take satisfaction in the fact that we're meeting this weekend) - the Prez himself, hook'em horns, on the big day.

And that bit I mentioned about quality? This is it. Things like this are the reason that this is the greatest city in the world.

God bless America.

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