Last weekend tired me clean out, as evidenced by my inability to put any decent thoughts together here recently. At least I didn't attempt to write last night, after not one but two parties, neither of which I really wanted to go to.

So here's the goods I should have put up yesterday.

Decent article on the impending doom of the Barnes Foundation. I've yet to go, but my sister insists that I should. Hoping to get there in Feb or March before anything happens. Apparently its one of the best collections of art in the world.

Didn't make it to a Roof-top Films show this past summer, but I hope to hit a few this year. (Not that I wish summer would get here any sooner, I for one absolutely love this hyperborean weather).

In somewhat the same vein as EO's Blog Symposium, Intolerant Elle's Christian Carnival. And, in the process of writing this post up, I found that Sidesspot has the latest CC. I'm shooting to get an article in on the next one. You can see its growing quickly.

I want to work for this company.

Another interesting short from the whole auto-makers-dabbling-in-mini-movie-advertising genre.

I've seen some serious hilarity over at McSweeney's, but you often have to hunt around for the good stuff.

I'm pretty sure that a solid 1/2 of the funded studies at NIAC are straight out of star wars. I can't believe people are getting grants for some of that stuff. Lucas should be getting royalties from these people.

Cool website design of the week award goes to Mr. Beller's Neighborhood. One of my favorite co-workers is Kim, who aside from being awesome, and totally looking out for me here in my new area, has a cool husband, who is a writer, who has stuff on MBN's site.

If you haven't heard Samuel's story, you need to. The picture is simply one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Its interesting to note that at the time of the photo, he was still young enough to be legally aborted. Its also amazing that God has so blessed our technological and medical advancements that they can be used to save lives like Samuel's. As far as I can tell from a little googling, Samuel is still alive and well.

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