Saw this tonight on my way home - walking up, well, you can guess which avenue. It looked a bit too heavy to carry comfortably, but its somewhere in the upper 30's, on a South-East corner, should you want a big blue piece of New York memorabilia. Like others, I'm a fan of the new signs they're putting up around midtown.

I'm having a tough time deciding whether or not I like titles on my posts at all. Sometimes they serve their purpose, but often I find I'm just trying to think of something. Something catchy, something that says "Hey! We're cool words! Read our smaller friends, below, they're cool too!" I suppose my decision will be rather evident, should I ever get around to making it.

Haven't reviewed a single movie lately, so by means of catch-up on my Netflix history:

Freaks & Geeks: I ended my TV / Mini-series blitz (started with Band of Brothers, then Sports Night, then this) with this engaging show that I think aired in the late 90's / early 00's. Good acting, interesting story lines - albeit sometimes jumpy between episodes, ended kind of in the middle of things, it felt like.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Splendidly put together, just like its predecessors, yet I still have that general discomfort with making sorcery and witchcraft so idyllic to children.

Endless Summer: Timeless Classic. I could watch footage like that for days on end.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Contrived. Bad acting. A few cool effects, that's about it. Expect to see Vin run for political office someday, at this rate.

The Ladykillers: I'm only half-way through this one just yet, but so far the Coen-Hanks mix seems to be living up to expectations.


I'm off to Syracuse for recruiting tomorrow and the following day, getting back Wednesday night. As I'm still saving for that G5 Powerbook I so dearly hope is in my future, and am therefore laptop-free (except for the 2 useless ones I haven't gotten around to e-baying), there is little chance of writing before I return, at best. Let's just say I'm already a little nervous about Thursday linkery getting pushed for the 3rd week running.

I like traveling, but I have a feeling I'm not going to enjoy traveling for these purposes, for this company, very much. But it is a lifesaving break from the office that I've been needing, so no complaints.

Pizza's ready, good night.

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