Received word this week that a friend has lost his brother to the war in Iraq. Been praying a lot for his family. I think the loss of someone familiar makes the war very much more real. I'm sure his involvement had made it more real to them, for a great while. I'm not sure whether his passing serves to do that as well. Probably not.

War Letters is a fine book edited by Andrew Carroll. Fantastic impressions of a horrible thing, from those in the thick of it.

I thought to post one that speaks to the hell that our boys are going through in the Middle East right now. But nothing could adequately convey that, I know. Instead, one to portray what courageous men have been willing to lay on the altar of our freedom.

Lt. Walter Schuette Sends His Newborn Daughter, Anna Mary, a Letter to Be Read to Her in the Event He Does Not Come Home Alive

My Dear Daughter, Anna Mary,

Some day I shall be able to tell you the conditions under which I write this letter to you.
You arrived in this world while I was several thousand miles from your mother's side. There were many anxious moments then and since.
This message comes to you from somewhere in England. I pray God it will be given to you on or about your tenth birthday. I hope also to be present when that is done. It shall be held in trust by your mother or someone equally concerned until that time.
Also I pray that the efforts of your daddy and his buddies will not have been in vain. That you will always be permitted to enjoy the great freedoms for which this war is being fought. It is not pleasant, but knowing that our efforts are to be for the good of our children makes it worth the hardships.
With this letter you will find a war bond of $25oo maturity value, and a list of names. A list of names to you, honey, buddies to me. Men of my company, who adopted you as their sweetheart when you came into the world. It is these men who bought you the bond as a remembrance of when they were soldiers with your daddy. The money values are in the current English denominations.
I shall ask your mother to obtain the bond with the money sent her and keep it with this letter, envelope, and list of names until such time as she sees fit to give it to you, Anna Mary.
You will never know the joy I knew when I received word that you had arrived. Suddenly the sun shone through the fog. The mud paths seemed paved with gold. The boys thought I had gone stir crazy or maybe slap happy. I guess I was a little daft.
I want you to know that God gave to you for a mother the finest woman of his creation. I pray that you will grow to be as fine a person as she. I ask that you follow her guidance and her teachings. I know how much you mean to her at the time I write this letter. Such a love can never be forgotten.
It is time that I close this short message to you. Should God decree that you never know your father I want you to have this sample of my handwriting. I want you to know and understand that with the help of God, He will spend his life trying to make you and your precious mother happy, and to provide for your needs and wants.
I place you now in the hands of God. May He care for you and love you. May He see fit that we shall see one another very soon and keep us together into eternity, ever as He gave us His son to seal our salvation.
Your loving dad
Walter Schuette

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Amy said...

War is certainly tragic and sad. However, it is essential and Biblical. It looks like it might be coming to an end though.. hopefully. I just got my cousin back from the Army.. he was in Iraq for almost 2 years!

How's the weather been up there? ;-)