Saturday already?

Whew am I ever in a mood to link. Hope you are too. Here we go.

I used to be a regular at Hacking Netflix on Mondays to check out the latest releases, but now Netflix is doing it for themselves. Took them long enough to figure that one out. Mike, the guy who runs HN, wrote a bit on RSS a while back, and I figured I'd link to it since I never got around to writing about it myself. He doesn't cover it too extensively, but sufficiently enough. He mentioned bloglines, which, as I've already noted here, I use myself.

However I'm not a completely dedicated RSS reader, yet. I still like to visit some of my favorite websites, to get the full experience. I suppose you could liken it to the desire to be in a store and get the experience and see the merchandise first hand, as opposed to just seeing it online. With RSS, I get the content, but not the warm, happy feeling of being at a site I enjoy, with all its colors and links and whatnot. I believe this feeling is wearing off a little with each new site that I syndicate, however.

(You'll note that I successfully began and ended that paragraph with the same word. This is the kind of thing that happens when you're up late and writing after a week like this one.)

I found WorldWideWords today when looking up the history of one of my favorites.

I still have those gmail invites I mentioned, and if you still have hotmail or yahoo as your primary, we need to talk. In the meantime, maybe I can trade a few of the invites for something cool.

If I wasn't planning on building my own site, I'd probably hold more interest for folderblog, though I've been playing around with it a bit anyway.

Two words: Cheese racing.

For AP: The first lady, supporting the horns. Gen. Tommy Franks, too.


-This one (language warning) should instantly depress most of us in Corporate America. The little girl even said 'buyer.'

-Hilarious Bo-sox Mastercard ad from Comedy Central. (another language warning, sorry)

-Good luck getting this song out of your head.

-This one is awesome, both in the idea behind it and the priceless ending.

Oldie but goodie: play rock, paper, Saddam. (last language warning, I promise)

Google's zeitgeist is pretty cool. What did you expect, something not cool from google?

Also cool: New York Changing.

Last, this NY Press feature is pretty sad. Not just the story at large, but the perspective the author still has at the end of it.
...It's the most beautiful thing that's ever been said about him, and I'm unspeakably proud of my sister at this moment. All these years I've fought against her faith—--how stupid I've been. Who am I to judge my blood for making a choice that I wouldn't make? What right do I have to enforce my own nihilism on another? Especially my sister, who has offered me nothing but love for 35 years?

Still, I'm pleased that his coffin is unmarked by religious symbols. On the lid's liner, two simple words: "going home."

How do you have a hope for "home" - whatever that may be - without any faith?

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witw said...

Weird. I also stumbled on that same WorldWideWords site this week on Friday after we had a discussion at lunch about where the phrase "the whole nine yards" comes from.