A stitch in time

As previously mentioned, I've already started another blog to list my pet peeves with Blogger's interface.

Today I noticed a new quirk that deserves notation here, however. The clock on my blog posts is always wrong. I used to think that it generally just pulled up whatever time it was when I started writing the post, and unless I updated it at the end (you can select the time and date that you want the post to say), it just posted the time that I originally started the post. Makes sense - you're typing on a remote page and when you publish it to your blog, it takes the time you left in the field. Theoretically it should update to the time of publish, but I guess they didn't think of that.

Anyway, I did not write yesterday's post on snow and my evening constitutional and whatnot at 12:45pm - which actually would have been well before most of what I described in that post even occurred. I actually wrote it late in the evening, though I don't think nearly so late as 12:45am, so I don't believe it was an am/pm issue. My theory is more intricate: Blogger's timing thing is just plain screwy.

I've since "corrected" (for lack of a better term) the time/date on said post to an 12:45 AM (on the 20th, today), seeing as I'm not sure exactly when I wrote it.

In the past I've paid little or no attention to the time on my posts, frankly I wish I could make it go away (another thing to peeve about), as I don't really believe in time in the first place. Going forward, however, I'll have to make more of an effort to ensure it is at least relatively accurate, so as not to confuse the reader. I believe I've done a respectable job of making sure the dates were right, and looking back a few posts, it looks like posting times are fairly accurate, to the best of my recollection, but I digress...

Perceptive readers will note updates to the sidebar, and the really perceptive ones will note I now have a Gmail address instead of the old yahoo one. I also have 4 Gmail invites for the first 4 really perceptive readers to email me at the new address. I hope to work on categorizing my links under clickable, expandable headers over my Christmas break, if there be any time for it.

If I published this post as it currently stands, it would say I wrote it at 5:29pm today. Foolish Blogger.

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