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Some Thursday evenin' linkery...

First off, if you haven't heard, cell phone numbers are now game for telemarketing. Register yours here to avoid them.

Need to get married? Fast? Blaire has about 15 days left at this point.

This job predictor is dead on accurate, as far as I can tell.

I think I've linked to this before, because I think I wrote about what my amendments to the rules would include, however the rules of shotgun are pretty dead on, notwithstanding.

General Tso, a "man before his dish." I no longer feel ignorant. I can now order with an air of erudition.

Urban Dictionary. Cool.

At least one tip to diztopia, a new (to me) blog I've been reading with a large grain of salt.

Its already Thursday. Tomorrow is a LONG day filled with way too many appointments for a Friday, but I'm still a bit behind in the new market. Which, I found out today, may, or may not, include dogs. Yes, there was a dog in one of the showrooms. It did not have a bikini on.

Saturday is going to be a bad day, I don't know why yet. About two weeks ago I started dreading this Saturday, in particular. I've cancelled on most of the things that came up: helping some friends move, a brunch, a movie invite, an invite to go duck hunting in Arkansas (really), my plans to complete my photo essay, delivering Angel Tree toys here in Hoboken, and my hopes of going to see Unsilent Night, to name a few. I may do some of them (not the hunting), but no commitments. For starters, I may have mentioned that Friday is planned to be long, so I'm going to need at least some time on Saturday to prepare Sunday's lesson. And some time for the normal clean up of the mess I've made during the week. And this is all assuming I don't feel compelled to head into the office for the 3rd or 4th Saturday in a row, I'm not sure which. I'm just not looking forward to it. At least the Cooke's Christmas Spectacular is Saturday night. I have that to look forward to.

Sunday is church, high school group, then we join the junior high group for the Christmas party, in the church offices. And then we write.

Tonight is drawing. Then a pizza.

(is it not just sheer irony that Blogger's spell checker doesn't know what the word "blog" is? that and other rants on my Blogger's complaints blog, I'm trying to start, here)

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