So far so good

Saturday hasn't killed me yet. I may just survive.

By 3am this morning it was pretty clear that I was right all along about today. I decided total avoidance was the best bet - no office, no social engagements, just avoidance. Went for a ridiculously long run up towards the GW, walking tomorrow should be fairly painful. This afternoon was laundry and waving my terrible towel as the Steelers became the first team to win 12 straight games this season. The last two teams that won 12 straight games in a season were the Patriots (last year) and the Broncos (1998). Both teams went on to win the Super Bowl.

Right now I'm avoiding writing up my lesson for tomorrow. Its not going to be a long one, that's for sure.

Got the blues, real bad. Ain't been this bad since Oakdale, one of you might remember that. Heck, I can draw again. And play harmonica. If my fingers were healthy, I'd be playing guitar like Hendrix, no doubt. Yes, I know, Hendrix didn't play the blues, exactly.

I think maybe I didn't communicate what a great thing the blues can be when I last wrote about them. They're not all ice cream and puppy dogs, mind you, they are the blues. But they bring so much with them. I've only ever been at my most creative when I've been blue. Its the only time I've ever been able to draw anything worth nodding at, and my ability to do anything musical increases tenfold.

My sister wants me to start sculpting again, even has a venue she wants to place some of my pieces in. Sometimes I wish I could get everything I did together in one room, just to get some pictures, remember some of the inspirations. Who knows, maybe I will.

The one thing that the blues obviously are not positively affecting are my abilities to write. I haven't been reading nearly enough in the past few years to be writing at a decent level right now - if there's one thing I've determined about some of the best writers - its that they all seem to be very well read. Makes sense. I've been working too damn much. Thanks to my new perspective on that, combined with my hand problems (and the associated inability to go to the gym), I've been finding a lot more evening time to read. I just wish I could remember more of what I do read.

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