I have more than a couple posts I haven't published...they're just sitting out there. Some of my recent posts probably shouldn't have been published in the first place, but hey...there they are. Still need to put an update on the attitude post. Guess I'll have to postpone that til the morning, I'm in no state now.

Poker was earlier this evening. Boy I needed that. Thought about it all day, just waiting for pizza and beers and football in the background while cards were dealt. Thanks to Joel and Darrin I laughed harder this evening than I have in months. Suffice to say I left with more money than I came with. I played one hand wrong. One hand. Didn't get a lot of good hands, but I played well. Pretty good night.

I'm getting more and more affirmation on my writing, which is making me both encouraged and skeptical at the same time...I think instead I just need a job with a gun.

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