4:58 AM. Sit up, wide awake. What to do? I could go to the office again, like Monday. Got a good head start on things, so I'll look good in today's meeting regardless...so why bother? Well then, what to do? Could read. Could write. Could blog. No. Run? Too cold. Well, you're not going to get back to sleep, so you better decide on something.

This is the basic conversation I've been having in my head every morning for the past couple weeks, right around 5 AM. Not sure why I keep waking up then, but I'm going to have to learn how to fall asleep a little earlier if this trend is going to continue.


I was on a roll there for at least a few days of getting a single solid post done at the relative end of each day. Yesterday got a little nuts here in the office. Had a chance to rendezvous with the older sister I never had for some catching up, which was cool. Thanks, yo. Then back to the 'boken to meet up with George and a few others, and all of a sudden it was 11PM and the only thing I had put in my body the whole day was a small flock of Grey Geese. Which meant one thing: straight home, straight to bed. Can't remember the last time I went down in the PM, so that was pleasant.

I'm going to try to avoid any more rabid Geese attacks in the near future - I'm usually pretty good about that - so I should be able to maintain my new goal, of sorts, to write once a day. I'd really love to kill my post titles and times and go on a little more calendar format, but those are all things that will probably have to wait until I finally get around to building my own site from the ground up (tentatively slated for early spring, when football ends). I've got some decent design ideas worked up for it, so that's something to look forward to.

The holidays look like this:

Today - Playing Santa with George for some Angel Tree kids, then doing a few personal Santa visits around Hoboken (I found the perfect time to shop in NY - the week before Christmas, at 7am. All the stores are open, and no one's there. Its positively painless.)

Tomorrow - Work in the morning, then the office party @ Flor de Sol or something of that nature. Possible Geese attacks, but I'll be on guard, as I need to get home and pack for the journey home.

Friday - Try and catch a morning flight on standby. This either means I'll be home mid-day on Friday and have an afternoon/evening to chill, or I'll spend the day reading in EWR, and get home at the stroke of midnight. There are a very few select days in the year that I desperately wish I had an iBook. Friday will be one of these days. Either way.

Saturday - Normal Xmas routine.

Sunday - Northstar with Jonny. Try not to get hurt, have to stay healthy for Whistler. Evening church.

Monday - Possible return to Tahoe. Up in the air.

Tuesday - Party for Mom and Dad's (and their good friend's) 30th anniversaries. All the kids/grandkids from both families are putting it on at our place, then sending them off for the rest of the evening. Then I pack.

Wednesday - Return to the right coast. Possibly work.

Thursday - Work, then welcome the Texas crew for a couple nights' stay.

Friday - Times Square. Under much duress from the Texas crew.

Saturday - Football at J-lo's. Laugh at AP and Russ during the UT/Mich game.

Sunday - Church and re-charge for the onslaught that will be January.

I don't plan to give the blog any serious down-time, but who knows how it'll go? I've got a number of posts I'm working on as drafts, and will have to draw up a few more if I'm going to hit the daily goal. Hope to alternate between well-thought-out issues posts, and your standard run-of-the-mill updates, spiced as normal with pictures and the occasional linkery.

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Anonymous said...

Aw lil' bro =) Hey man, I'm only, what, like 3 years older? So does that mean I can give you headlocks and beat you up?
No problem yo. Whenever you need a listening ear man. Seriously, rendezvous at Macy's to catch up is cool anytime.