I've been a bad blogger lately. Haven't really made the time to work on decent blog posts, so I've been cheating with quotes and whatnot. When I have tried, I haven't gotten out exactly what I meant, and my recent post on attitude is proof positive of that. I'm going to put some update on to that post when I'm done with this one, time permitting.

Funny the ways we talk about time. Most times we don't have nearly enough, and often you'll be out of time, but sometimes we have plenty. Sometimes we have to make it, and often we feel like we've lost it. You can borrow other peoples' time but you can't really keep it for yourself.

Anyway, yeah I've been busy with things, and I can hear the waambulance coming in the distance. Whatever. The norm. I haven't had nearly as much time on my hands (ah, there we go again) as I did a few months ago when I had things down pat in my old area. I'm convinced I will never again have such time, as long as I'm in this area, because things are basically a total disaster no-longer-waiting-to-happen here. I've got that nervous-escapism feeling pulling at me...

So...where are things? Over the past couple weeks since Turkey time, I...got ridiculously behind here at work...made a big presentation to my SVP that actually went half-decent, did a focus group on VOIP, got invited to go duck hunting in Arkansas by one of my vendors (had to decline, but maybe bow hunting for deer in NJ?)...

Did an Angel Tree day (buying/prepping presents for kids who's parents are incarcerated) with the youth group kids last Saturday, that being sandwiched in between time at the office, then helped big C get the Christmas tree - its a big one. Sunday was church, youth group, meeting with Jenny and Greg, then home to work on my blues. That evening was a going away party for a couple and their new son who are moving south to find a real place to raise a child. This week has been just about as crazy as last, although I'm being demeaned slightly less here at work as I've chosen to simply not communicate with certain individuals. Monday night was MCM, last night was HFG, and presto, here we are.

Cool stuff I've seen lately (because hey, I just sit around looking for this stuff, after all):

- A good article about a totally awesome idea.

- Snow cam from Whistler, I'm not going until March but I already find myself checking it on occasion.

- I've linked it before, but Tom's exhibition is still up on Broadway, although I read it was supposed to go down in November. I hope to see it this Sat.

- NY/NJ apparently don't get the idea of a good, ol' fashion ski swap, but at least they have a giant freakin sale - George and I hope to go and salivate Saturday morn. Also, I sent this to Charlie at MUG and he actually used it. And he tipped Kari Jo Cates from church this week. Not entirely a bad fellow.

- Sponsor a soldier. Cool idea.

- Neat spot to help you find your not too obscure quotation.

- Jeremy and Joel's (and now you can effectively add Sara, Andrew, Jenn, Matt, Marcy, and Becky to the list) X-mas party invite, which is also a game. Currently I am atop the leader's board, although I expect significant challenges before the party actually commences and awards are handed out.

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Amy said...

I enjoyed reading some of your blog. It's nice to know there are Christians "up North". (that always seemed like a myth to us southerners) I read a comment you made about some friends from church moving down to the south for a decent place to raise a kid. Thought that was really funny. Check out my blog sometime if you have the time :-)
God Bless