First time for everything

I'm blogging from the counter of a bead and fabric store on 6th Ave between 37th and 38th. They have computers here set to the homepage for the store, so you can search the shelves around you right from the computer. So I figured while I wait, I'd write.

I'm holding a roll of fabric that cost Brec $521. Crazy. Its a piece of cloth. Anyway, apparently half a grand's worth isn't enough, so she's shopping for more with Grace and Anna. They came up to the city to shop for her wedding dress stuff, and we're going to get lunch at one of my favorite burger joints in the city. Then, if it looks like there will be enough light, I'm going to conduct the first phase of my photo-essayical journey to


Unfortunately that's the point at which the store clerk realized I wasn't browsing for beads on their website. No worries, the girls were about done shopping. Walked uptown for lunch. I hit the first 20 blocks or so of Otterness' sculptures display, along Broadway on the UWS. Got some decent pictures, enough to start working with, at least.

Back to Hoboken, work on the lesson, head over to Jeremy and Joel's Christmas Bash. Good times, nice to see everyone. I haven't been getting to the Hoboken service as often as I used to lately, due in part to my lengthened schedule with church in the city.

We're starting our series on Moral Boundaries in the high school group (we've finished Authentic Faith and Spiritual Disciplines, most recently) - which should raise plenty of interesting talk, the most interesting being tomorrow's. So I need to spend a bit more time getting comfortable on that tonight.

Giving these talks has been interesting. Its hard to present the subject manner in a really personal way, sometimes, because, well, hey, I'm not the perfect person. You get a real feeling for why the NT writers called leaders to a higher standard. Spiritual disciplines was a great example - I had some great material to give on prayer, but mine's been the last prayer life to point to as an example. Yeah, I've had some growth this year, but only because up was the only direction it could go.

I've been feeling something today that I can't remember feeling in months - actual sleepiness. Not just tired - I feel that a lot, but droopy-eyelid tired. What a great feeling. Hopefully it won't last too long, I've been getting a good amount of stuff done lately in my spare hours.


Amy said...

I read some of your November Blogs...great stuff. You should write a book ;-)

Your church, (redeemer?) is it PCA or PCUSA?

God Bless,


David said...

PCA...thanks for the kind comment...