Thursday linkery

- Go here to find the page with the updated link for the best Mac ad parody ever. I posted on this before, but this is an updated link as the old one is dead. Click on the first link (Mac Parody) to download the file. Worth every second.

- MUG has the best view on the West Side stadium proposal that I've seen yet.

- Have the urge to go hunting? I mean like right now? Well here's one more thing the internet can do for you. Frankly I think this is a horrible commercial endeavor, and wonder if this guy would also sell his soul for a profit. Although I probably think its terrible for different reasons than most would. Yeah, so an animal dies, that happens every time I go to Burger King, life goes on. However, speaking as an experienced hunter, there are some serious fundamental issues that these guys are making pretty light of. This site is not going to foster any kind of respect for the power of the weapons being used, in fact its probably going to do the opposite. Perhaps even worse, it doesn't foster any respect for the hunt. I agree with what the Texas Wildlife Association had to say: "Hunters have an obligation to be present to deal with the full consequences of having taken the life of the animal, to do otherwise...is an abdication of your duty as a hunter." The respect for life and the power to take it is an integral part of hunting that this guy is looking to do away with in the interest of turning profit. That being said, I would actually be interested in the target shooting, if only because the whole idea bears an eerie resemblance to the remote-control cannon scenes from The Jackal.

- Need a word that rhymes with "utopia"? Well, there's plenty, just type it in here. 3, 4, 5, or 9 syllables...take your pick. Helpful for all you up and coming poets.

- I've been reading some of the back-issues over at First Things, a subscription is probably in order, although as near as I can tell you could just wait and read the articles a month or two later when they put them up on the site. Keller quoted an article from this magazine in a talk he gave Monday at a cool bar on the East side, the first meeting of "Christianity Uncorked" - an idea a couple guys had to get people our age together for drinks and discussion of the Christian faith. Pretty cool combination if you ask me.

- The International Dark Sky Association - the Light Pollution Authority. Bit of a wacky idea for a whole "association," but then if you've never seen the stars from high in the mountains, away from civilized, well-lit areas, well then you've never really seen the stars. So I get where they're coming from. Cool pictures from the blackout last year.

- Cool site - virtual walking tours of Manhattan, listed by street. Read on the first page why they're called Songlines.

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