The road to hell is paved with...

I have 2 blog posts sitting in draft status that I have every intention of posting tomorrow (which is now later today), right *after* I get my room cleaned. Which will hopefully happen right after I get home from evening service, which I hope to attend right after I get back from the city. I hope to get back from the city right after watching a few friends finish the marathon, right after I've wrapped up the high school lesson, which will take place right after morning service, right after I've rushed into the city to stop by the church offices and pick up the multi-media stuff in time to get it to church and set it up for the Jr. Highers.

My Sunday's aren't particularly restful, so I try to relax on Saturdays. I do love my Sundays, though. Every moment of them.

I'm wrapping up Sports Night and after a couple season's worth of episodes I can only wonder why this show didn't last longer than a few seasons. Its fantastic. I have every good intention of writing a decent review post on it. In the episode I'm watching tonight, one of the anchors just gave away a script slip - "Casey and I are just getting warmed up here in Rockefeller Center." This would normally make sense for a show based on a TV show. However, as I've previously noted, ever single transition shot they throw up of the city is either of the 2 towers or some other part of downtown. Until tonight I had the distinct impression that the show was based in downtown. Not a single shot of midtown or higher. Odd.

I also intend to go back and write reviews on BOB, which I neglected. I plan to buy it so I could always write that at a later date. I also intend to review the books I've recently finished.

I intend to be president some day. You've been warned.

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