Death and the ever present possibility

- Arafat's dead. Let me just say that in the history of people who I would *not* want to be, especially right after they went to meet their maker, Arafat is a close second to Hitler. If you take the first 3 verses of Genesis 12 at all seriously, you see why I would not want to be this guy right now. Most Protestant faiths will eventually admit that all sin is sin to God, and we're all dead in our trespasses. There's a certain level on which I really can not compare my sins of, oh, let's say, anger, for example, against someone else's sins of murder. They're all sin to God. But we also generally assume that there are is some spiritual strata of which we will be aware when we live in eternity. We assume that there will be levels of prestige (for lack of a better way of putting it) in our Heavenly existence. Is it such a stretch, therefore, to speculate that there may be hotter spots in hell, specially reserved for the uniquely cursed?

- Scott Peterson's guilty. Of one murder. Hey, at least the great state of California can get it 1/2 right, huh? Their court systems seems to have made leaps and bounds since OJ.

- My apologies for missing the opportunity to throw out a decent thank you to Veterans everywhere. Believe you me, it's not just on one day of the year that you have my complete gratitude and respect for your service to our country and defense of our freedom. God Bless you and yours. And to my friends in the now 229 yr. old Marines - Hoo Wah!

- Is it just me or has the liberal media promulgated the term "Evangelical Christians" more in the past week and a half since the election than they have in the history of the world, combined??? What's with that? What a scam? Where's all the questioning of Kerry and the Atheist vote (or lack thereof)?

- Also, I've started a second blog, in hopes that blogger will notice my blog, address the issues, and make some changes to their system at large. Its actually a blog I've started in hopes that there will one day be no need for it. I've only just begun it, and you can find it here.

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