Things you only see in the city

I was on my way back to the office after picking up a Chicken Parm at Lazara's a couple weeks ago. If you've ever walked down 7th Ave in the Fashion District, you've probably noticed the big bronze circular plaques on the sidewalk commemorating various fashion designers. Its called the Fashion Walk of Fame (go to the bottom and click on the buttons to see examples). I'll try to get a picture of one up, but in the meantime, picture this: one of the guys in the white coveralls - part of the 34th street clean-up collective or whatever they're called, busy cleaning one of these plaques. I actually smelled it before I saw it - I was walking into the wind and the scent of cleaning solution drifted through the crowd before he came into view. He had some rags draped over the side of his yellow plastic rolling trash can. But these were no ordinary rags. No, these were the only rags fit for cleaning fashion designer's plaques. These were cloth swatches of pin-stripe suiting fabrics. I had to smile as I passed, and I wished I had my good camera on me for that one.

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