This post doesn't have anything to do with axioms.

Just some thoughts from the day.

Saw an article in one of New York's free dailies (paying for newspapers is so 2003) about EA Sports' NBA 2005. Apparently they let the game simulate the season, and it was my very own Sacramento Kings beating the Miami Heat for the championship next June. Excitement is in the air already.

Also, I remain convinced that this guy is just another Charles Van Doren.

Totally random, if you google "Redeemer Bina S**t" - whatever the heck that means - and don't ask me where I heard about it - you get some interesting perspective from what I think is my pastor's target audience (first result). Second post, about halfway thru the post, start around "I don't spend much time in churches anymore." Very serious language warning, don't go here if you're easily offended. Its cool to be getting so much life application of Scripture from someone who really isn't interested in reaching people like me. Gospel in action.

For the first time in nearly 300, Netflix didn't come in a red envelope.

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