Well I was hoping to post an official 100th post to the blog, but apparently I did that about 8 posts ago. Blogger's dashboard, well...I've complained about it as best I know how already.

Ah, well. In belated honor of my mini-milestone, some facts about AKOT, with a caveat. I have to assume that since both my profile and my dashboard are not giving me an accurate total posts number, the rest of my numbers in the profile are understated as well. So the following are probably low, but should give us an idea:

Avg. Posts per Week: 4
Posts written: 92 (actually 107, this one is 108)
Words written: 31,919 (that's it?)
Outbound links: 155 (again, so few?)
Profile views: 137

As for the rest of my stats, they come from a source outside blogger, and I have no reason to believe they are inaccurate:

Total page views: 1376
Daily uniques (non-repeat views): 679
Average daily count: 9.9
Average daily visitors: 4.88 (factors in unique views)

www.blogger.com and www.google.com are my top referrers, which makes sense. There's some other info out there like repeat visitors and the browsers people are using to view the site, but nothing that really stands out.

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