I have way too much to be thankful for, this year as ever. No list could be complete, but I offer at least a few, in no particular order...

- For family, which I can't wait to see at Christmas.

- For my summer this year. I had a really great summer. Fall's going just as well.

- For friends, near and far. I don't deserve you all.

- For my fellow youth leaders - I get to watch you be agents of change in the lives of our kids. I'm excited about where we're going. Roger. Over.

- For my job, as hypocritical as that may sound. And the parade. As wet as it may be.

- For NBA players who aren't in it to brawl with fans or promote rap albums. Also I'm thankful for the 6 game win streak my Kings have gone on to turn around a rough start to the season. Watch out, Seattle.

- For my first trip to Canada planned for this Spring. I can't wait.

- For challenges. I'm learning a lot right now and I know there's a lot more to learn. I'm working for change, and by grace, I just might see it happen.

- For this blog. It got me re-started on writing, at least a bit, and now I'm hoping to get my act together and get some good material down in the next year. I'd like to determine whether or not there may be a future for me in it.

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