What's your Priority?

(from my current read)

Communication is a crucial element in any intimate relationship--including a relationship with God. And communication always involves listening.

Jesus understood this. Nowhere do we see the importance of communication with the Father better illustrated than in the life of Christ. In fact, Jesus' time alone with the Father was His ultimate priority. It took priority over ministry, family, friends, even sleep. Jesus refused to allow the tyranny of the urgent or the expectations of others to shape His agenda and schedule. As strange as it may sound, He put His own spiritual welfare ahead of the spiritual and physical welfare of others. He knew He would be of no help to them otherwise.

Jesus came to do the will of the Father. But in order to do the will of the Father, He had to know the will of the Father. That's why Jesus made it a priority to spend time alone with God--to know the One who sent Him.

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bek.e said...

Amen to that...Having just lost a boyfriend due to problems in communication that had, without my knowing, lead me to focus more on trying to please him than on spending time with God, you're words ring very true. Communication is key in every relationship, as is including God in that relationship...if only I had known sooner!