Live from Philadelphia

Ok - West Chester. Close enough for me.

A few firsts. First blog from someone else's abode. First blog from Pennysylvanyia. First blog on an apple. I feel...ugh. Like I'm trendy, but its only contrived...? I don't feel right.

Of course this weekend just doesn't feel right. No offense, anyone. I just think I should have gone fishing. Would have been more the norm for this time of year. I was tricked. I often am. That will lessen as the years pass and they couple off.

Went for the late night walk I was looking so forward to in quiet suburbia and found that this town isn't what I had remembered. I guess maybe last time I was out for an evening constitutional in this town I had the impression that it was indeed 'sleepy,' perhaps because it may have been a Sunday evening or something of the sort. Perhaps not. I don't recall. So I ended up in a sports bar of sorts and watched the Rangers finish bonking the A's on the head with a monkey wrench. Ow. And that's the one team ahead of us in our division. Double ow.

(pause for trip to Sam's Club)

I have returned. We spent far to little time at Sam's Club. I suppose if I was a member and regular visitor it wouldn't be so novel for me, but as we breezed through, I got no chance to peruse the miscellaneous golf clubs, gel pens by the thousand-pack, cammo cargo shorts, and multimedia entertainment artifacts. Not to mention the cheese wheels. We didn't even have any samples of anything.

There are no Sam's clubs in Singleville. Nobody there needs 40 plastic tumblers, or a case of 12 fresh bunches of Asparagus, or enough toothpaste to outlive them. What would be the point? They would be wasting money. Also they generally wouldn't have the space for such marvels as a 12 gallon bucket of Sunflower seeds.

Then WaWa for cash and a sandwich. What a stupid name for a gas station. Also the natural foods store for food for a party (show? I don't know...) attendee this evening who has the sad inability to eat normal, unhealthy food.

Side note: a lot of the promises I made a while back are on indefinite hold. Ok, all of them are. I keep going out of town on the weekends, randomly. Next weekend is the beach. It was really nice last time.

Side note 2: If you're ever going to take the train from NY Penn Station to anywhere around Philly, just don't. Rent and drive.

Backtrack and spiral in to total disorganization: Sailing did not happen on Friday, as we were rained out. Tony, Matt, and I saw The Bourne Supremacy. See post to follow, shortly. Going to start writing informal reviews as their own posts. We will begin categorizing. But not too much. Rain dated for next Friday afternoon.

Also, picked up the drawing pencil again, for the first time in years. Doing a...sailboat. Yes, original. What can I say, I was inspired. Drawing water correctly is next to impossible. Maybe I can scan the pieces for blog posting.

In a few hours there will be a couple acoustic sets from a couple bands, here in the massive conclaves of Apt.311. After moving the furniture around as a matter of setup, I vacuumed the living room carpet meticulously, so as to give it a racing stripe to the right side when I finished. Picture to come. Left the upload cable at home. Just as well, wouldn't want to defile my camera by attaching it to this piece of sublime evil.

So now we're pretty much prepared. I'll probably go for a run, then shower and we'll have dinner I suppose before the masses arrive. Brec better not have been lying to me about having duties for me to perform during the party/show/thing. I want to be unnoticed and busy, even if it means assembling and disassembling a toaster, multiple times, blindfolded. I want to have something to focus on. I took the harrowing trip down here in order to help, not to see the show (again, no offense). To be useful. Men are like dogs in this manner. We like to help. Please throw the ball again I want to chase I do I do I will get it for you over and over please throw it now thank you very much.

Wow, just pulled a netflix out of the envelope on Brec's desk. Just to kind of check and see what she might be watching. Bottle Rocket. Very impressed. Next envelope please. David Mamet's attempt at a Mob movie (not a Mob movie, but at least a Mamet flick). Mamet is gold to her. We all have our own problems, I guess. I like some Mamet but I don't think he's the bee's knees. The third one was some 70's flick called Murder by Death. I'll give that one a thumbs up just for the name. I would link to the last 2 movies but that's an incredibly annoying task, seeing as this is a mac, and it takes about twice as long to open a new window and copy and paste and write html as it does on a NORMAL COMPUTER.

Go here to build your own, like I did. Post links faster. Enjoy life more. (Have the peace of mind that the Feds don't have on file what types of computers you own and how many and for what).


Suzie said...

Hey, don't knock Mac's... tell your friend to upgrade! I used to be a PC person too but I was required to use a Mac at work and I fell in love with the ease and acutal Plug and Play capabilities... I woudn't own one if it wasn't for work.

West Chester is nice... I went to school there, but the area has gotten a bit more busy. Stick with the fishing!

Anonymous said...

idiot wind. look it up.