Bark twice if you're in Milwaukee

The boss called off again today. Another funeral. That's at least his 3rd in the last few months, that I know of. I've been trying to think of creative ways to express compassion, especially given the nature of our working relationship, but I've got nothing. In some sense, I know that's alright. Death isn't the way things were supposed to be. People will talk about the corpse, how it looks so "good" or "peaceful," - but it doesn't. It looks dead. It looks unnatural. If you can realize that it isn't the way things are supposed to be, you can start to understand how they should have been, and how they will be someday. Therein lies the hope that allows you to cope with the concept of death. The difficult part is finding the right way to communicate that.


Weekend synopsis:
Meet Texican, go home, then dinner at one of the 208 Chinese joints on Washington St. Spiderman 2 at the corporately dinky Hoboken theater. First time there, won't be returning soon unless there's another major motion picture that I want to see but am suspicious that it might not meet expectations. Like Spiderman 2 (I was right).
Saturday we had lunch with the roomie, then she left to shop with the girls in the city, Matt (from hence to be referred to as George) and I went to see Anchorman. If you like laughing and being happy, see this movie. Still giggling. Saturday night was George's informal moving-in party which actually took place at one of the 862 bars in Hoboken since his roommate was sick. His roommate showed up at the bar. Looking sick.
Sunday I went to the morning west side service for the first time. I caught a ride with C&M which of course meant missing the whole first half of the service. Texican was there, then we picked up her pals and headed to the Cloisters, for lunch and walking in the park. Definitely my favorite place on the island of Manhattan. Sunday evening church, then a farewell party for a friend moving back to Cleveland, held in C&M's back-yard. There was much Bocce.

Week looks to be uneventful. Will continue to work on the leave-the-office-before-6 objective. Saturday is Ocean Grove for the Third Day concert. First beach trip this year. Yay.

Ooh and I picked up new books for the stack today. Its going to be much too big too soon, so I'll have to pick up the reading pace. Haven't read, but am looking forward to:

Have read, need to re-add to library as they are MIA:

I am now chronically addicted to B&N's next day delivery in Manhattan. They used effective mediums, in the right places, with a creative campaign that speaks directly to its core customer, to advertise the service. That's the neat part, they weren't even advertising their product, but an ancillary service they tack on to it. And I'm a complete (albeit cognizant) victim of said marketing.

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