keep. it. together.

I don't have time to be blogging right now.  Everything has been one big crazy mess since I walked in the door today, in more ways then one.  I'm on hold for a meeting with a VP from another area who is mentoring myself and 2 others as we are presenting our respective businesses to our individual SVP's over the course of the fall.  Pre-season, mid-season, and post-season presentations.  So we need someone to tell us what the hell we are doing.  For it is hell.  Or at least on the doorstep.  I've become convinced that retail is about the second furthest separation from God after hell.  Its like our address is 665, we're just across the street and a bit closer.

I have to be prudent on what I write on here as it regards work.  Despite my earlier jests, its just the nature of the beast.  Otherwise I'd go into a torrent so bad that it would rival the class 5s of the mighty rivers westward.  Oh I could, right now.  I could, so good.  Its just a bad situation I've been handed, and I don't like it, and people walk around "wondering" why I appear unhappy.  I just smile and respond as blithely as I can manage that everything is just fine.  I don't know why they expect me to honestly bitch about things when they are dishonestly wondering.  Its all rather insulting.

I am still working on it.  I'm too smart to keep running into walls like this.  Right?

Last night was the 2nd Qtr. review of our annual goals with the men's accountability group.  Some guys did ok, some guys not so much.  Let's just say I'm not one of the guys with a kid on the way or one just arrived.  I'm on track for my scripture memorization goal, closing in on my reading and prayer goals, and my big challenge is to attack the paperwork nightmare over the next couple weeks so that I can bring that one back into line.  That's just a few of the goals, but overall, I'm taking a 7 out of 10 for my half-year point.  Respectable, with room to work.

And I'm back up to 3 miles in 24 minutes on the tread.  Looking for 4 in 32 tonight.  Cha, right.  Maybe by next week.  I'll get in shape sooner or later.

Friday is a day off from work, but I can't quite say what for at the moment.  Perhaps I'll post a picture of it later.  For right now we'll call it a calming-my-nerves day off.  Then that evening I'll meet up with Grace at Penn Station to hop a NJ Transit train for Trenton, on to Philly, on to Exton, where one of the girls of Apt. 311 will pick us up.  Grace's idea was that we travel together but each stay absorbed in our own affairs (read: books), and that's why I like Grace.  So I get to see what the girls have done with the place.  Saturday morning I owe Brec a breakfast so there will be that and a clean conscience.  Saturday I want to finally devote some time to my most recent blog promises - basically learning more html and blog-related knowledge, maybe even some CSS.  That evening Gretz (Al's boyfriend, and Al is one of the 3 girls of A311) has an acoustic concert of sorts at the Apt.  Its pretty much the biggest Apt. I've ever seen, so having a band and 50 people there probably won't be a huge issue. 

That night I will walk.  I like small, quaint towns.  I especially enjoy walking in them late at night when I can't sleep.  Which is most of the time.  I don't sleep very much anymore.  More later, perhaps.

Sunday we will church in Philly, then Grace and I will train back up.  Likely as aloof as the way down.  Which isn't altogether a good thing, I suppose.  Whatever.

I love that word.

Gotta run.  Meetings.

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Anonymous said...

ahh. I think I'm the queen of aloof without intending to be. Feel free to shatter aloof for whatever reason.

Yah. I'm a bad friend. This is the first time I took a serious look at your blog. Marks for creative and cool.