Things left unsaid

I love Fridays in the summer. Amend - I like Friday afternoons in the summer. Since I've left college, I've worked in environments where the accommodations are made for a person to leave work early on Fridays between Memorial and Labor Day(s), or at least the accommodations could be easily made, if not already so done.

I haven't been golfing nearly so much as I should have this year, so far. (Pause to email Cregan and request the game he still owes me)

First political posting to rookie blog. It must be done. I have no delusions that our current president is the bee's knees, but seriously, is there even any question who we want in office as the war on terror continues? And continue it will, regardless of who is elected. Taranto made a great point in yesterday's Opinion Journal (first item) about American political system - it doesn't stop working just because a war is going on. To start:

On Sept. 11, 2001, America suffered the deadliest attack ever by a foreign enemy on its own soil. Fanatical Muslim terrorists hijacked four commercial airplanes, crashing two of them into the World Trade center and a third into the Pentagon. The trade center was destroyed, the Pentagon badly damaged. A fourth plane, which might have been bound for the Capitol, crashed in a field in rural Pennsylvania after passengers overpowered the hijackers. Some 3,000 people perished that day, and America has been at war ever since.

Nearly three years later, a presidential campaign is under way. One of the wonders of American democracy is that elections have always gone on as usual during wartime--even in 1864 during the Civil War and 1944 during World War II. The president has to defend his record to the voters even as he is fighting the country's enemies--and so it should be.

So, what is John Kerry's argument for turning President Bush and Vice President Cheney out of office and replacing them with Kerry and John Edwards? Here is what he had to say yesterday: "We've got better vision, better ideas, real plans. We've got a better sense of what's happening to America--and we've got better hair."

I don't care what your political association is, if you are conscious, and in America, you must realize that we're at war, and, if we're at war, and you're still conscious, and American, is this what you want from your commanding officer? "I just haven't had time" to be briefed on the national terror threats? What? (...be sure to follow the string on where Kerry went later that night to celebrate "real American values.")

Rest assured I'll be finding one of these free Friday afternoons before Labor Day to get to the DMV in Jersey City and get my NJ DL (still on my Cali one, believe it or not - representing the home state until 7.26.08 at this point). In plenty of time to register to vote. And I'm volunteering with the RNC when it gets here later this summer. I feel like such a good citizen.

(Cregan wants to leave at 4:30 AM on a Saturday or Sunday for a 6 AM tee time. I'm saying AM in BIG HUGE CAPITAL LETTERS but at the same time, being first to tee off is awwwwfully appealing.)

Matt called and wants to go to the Jack Johnson concert in Central Park in September. G Love is opening for him. This goes in the "like, duh" category. Sadly, ticket sales opened in May. Sold out. Even my usual second-hand ticket haunts yield precious little. The only thing I've found on the net is one ticket on ebay, at about a 200% markup. Hmm... well if anyone has any ideas, I'll gladly trade information on where to find a dearth of tickets to either Phil Collins, Jimmy Buffet, Michael Bolton with Kenny G, or Nora Jones, in September, in or around the NYC are. Heck I'll give you all that info, just for info on Jack.

Speaking of Matt, here's what he looks like. Almost as ridiculously good looking as me. (Click on it, I'm just proving to myself that I know the HTML to both link to it and post it in a post. Yeah, I'm bad.)

But of course you only see a white error message from imagestation. Its because you're not logged in to imagestation, and imagestation is dumb like that. Here, let me help you. Go here to see scrawny sum total of the canoe trip photos. Then come back to the post. Ah, now you see the picture link. Brilliant! (shout it like the guys on the Guinness ads)

Did I mention the Texan is in town this weekend? Well, now I did. We're getting dinner tonight. Hanging out tomorrow too, maybe? I don't really know. That's the point with her, you can't really know. Ha. I don't mind. Its just a totally different way of approaching life. Give me my rules and regimen, spiced with occasional faux spontaneity, and perhaps the quickly managed last-minute-plans from time to time. Last night I cleaned my room as she's staying at our place tonight. Its so...clean. I also established, from the many, my stack of books to be read in the next six months. Will be adding a section on that (as well as books previously read, perhaps even with commentary) when I figure out how I want it to look, and how to do it.

And I've graduated to Stoli recently. Its on a different level than Skyy or Abso. More spensive, but there it is. I won't be going to a higher vodka level anytime in the next decade, that's for sure.

And now its the middle of that Friday afternoon I so covet. Why won't the Texan call and let me know what the deal is, so that I can LEAVE? Ah well. A few more things to bang out here and then I'll review today's reading...

Happy weekend.

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