The Bourne Supremacy

Overall: Good flick, not as good as the first one, but a decent action-packed joyride.

Synopsis: (Be warned, I am not afraid to write spoilers, so if you want to see the movie with virgin purity of mind, click away from this page). Some Russian oil tycoon who once was involved with the CIA sends his assassin punk to kill Jason, as he has just framed Jason in a massive cover-up he just staged in Berlin. Jason is living happily on the beach with his newly hippized girlfriend. Assassin snipes her in the back of the head as they're trying to escape via vehicle. Bourne goes on quasi-revenge rampage. He's really a good guy at heart so he doesn't even end up killing the assassin when he finally has him pinned in his car in an auto wreck. Instead, he uncovers the whole plot, exposes the guy who was the over-boss at the CIA (from the first movie, the guy who forced the Treadstone project leader to shut it down) as a crook, and does some benign flirting with the new CIA spook who happens to be a good looking late-30's babe. Why he's not interested in the Julia Stiles character is beyond me. I sure am.

Its shot in that edgy mod-Euro movie feel (see: BI, also The Saint), but like the first one, doesn't go overboard with it (see: Ronin). The one really good hand-to-hand combat scene is shot too close to take it all in, for instance. Basically, make sure you don't sit too close to the screen for this one. And don't see it if you're an epileptic.

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