Another first

Archives. We will now have archives. This line will work splendidly in picking up girls.

"So you live in the city?"

"Yeah - Upper West Side, you?"

"I'm in Hoboken."

"You like it there?"

"Yeah. Hey, did I mention I have archives?"

Que her reaching for her pen to give me her number.

Wait till she finds out my archives are, in fact, syndicated.

Its the 183rd day of the year, with 183 left to go. Pretty big day in history for mail:

1847 - The United States Post Office issued its first stamps, a five-cent stamp honoring Benjamin Franklin and a ten-cent stamp for George Washington.

1963 - The US Post Office began using the 5-digit ZIP Code system.

1971 - The US Post Office became the US Postal Service.
I'm guessing they'll celebrate with their time-honored tradition of delivering mail at a snail's pace for exorbitant prices, while simultaneously offering the finest in severely-annoyed-to-be-serving-you customer service.

Also, happy Canada Day, eh.

Getting pumped for this weekend - I always like driving away from the city. Leaving it behind me. Feels like a weight off the shoulders. But no matter where you go - you know its there, waiting for you, looming off in the shadows of the coming work week. So revel in your temporal bliss you ignorant humans, you'll be back soon enough, nolens volens.

Will miss (my) church but I'll get to hear Pastor Coffin preach for the first time. Looking forward to that as well. Tomorrow night my buddy Ben (from GCC) is in town to spend the night - hopefully he can help me correct the waywardness of my home PC. Then Saturday is open road til Monday night.

Working on polishing up an article ent. "The True Church" for the church newsletter (July's theme - "The Search for Truth").

Cool link for the day. That is all.

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