Good times.

As promised, the only living room in West Chester with a racing stripe on the carpet. Too clean.

Also perhaps one of the coolest living rooms in PA, or anywhere, for that matter. Yes, you are jealous. We all are. Enough ceiling space to stage a massive air battle of model bombers and fighters of the early 40's. You could really do a number up there. Surprised they haven't thought of that.

Bah, the weekend synopsis I never got around to. It was a good weekend, although I am apparently loathe to admit it. It really was. Despite no fishing, and the A's taking a beating Texas-style. Had fun doing the running around, had fun trip-blogging, had fun at the party, had a good time with the guys after everyone left, had a good time at 10th Ave Presby in the morning and then had a nice, peaceful, on-time ride back home on the trains. Got to read the Times, and there were actually one or two articles that didn't in some way end up explaining why John Kerry is the thinking man's choice for office (apparently the thinking man needs this concept drilled into his head, over and over, for about 100 pages). Back in time for church. Pleasant smile.

I enjoy 311 and being there, although my record may not suggest it. Its nice, and I shall miss it, for what it is, when it is no more. For me, at least, its more than an infrastructure. Its a place in time. And that's saying something, for a guy who doesn't wear watches.


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idiotwind said...

awwww... thanks dave! i'm glad you had a wonderful time. come back soon and visit us again, perhaps for a weekend of fishing (grin). ps. are you going to post any of your pics from the show? the one of the LR turned out really well, nice stripe.