The air is better out there

The only reason I'm working a desk job is for the money. That's it. Yeah, its where God has me for right now, have to see the calling in it, et cetera...but when I'm completely honest with myself, if I didn't have the Debt, I'd be in Colorado, working enough construction in the off-season to ensure a solid 180+ days on the mountain come winter. Season passes, extra pairs of boots, nights out in resort towns. I'd have to work hard in the heat, but it would all be worth it when the leaves started falling and you could smell the snow coming. Maybe I could even find something better than construction - ranching, or window-washing the Denver high-rises, or something. Something outside, that's for sure. An old 4x4, a dog - maybe 2, Van Morrison on the stereo, wide open skies, and the Rockies always making you look up to find the western horizon. Yeah. Even the off seasons would be good. Guitar on hot summer nights.

I'd feel much more secure in that being a calling. Until the knees gave way and I returned to a desk. I hope I can make it happen someday. I'm working on the long term budget. Cut some expenses, shorten the schedule. That's the general idea.

Friday I actually got out halfway through the afternoon, George and I got some Q and saw I, Robot. I liked the flick. Its sci-fi on a level that's not too hard to imagine in the near future, which is enjoyable, and the plot had some interesting premises - raised some good questions.

Had a fun exchange just before the previews started. I was on my phone while everyone was still talking in the theater (the big stadium one for new releases) - leaving a message for Morris. In the middle of my message, a girl from the theater walks in and asks for everyone's attention - she was collecting for the Jimmy Fund or something of the sort. Before 2 words get out of her mouth, long before I had a chance to quickly wrap up my voice-mail, a guy in front of us turns around and yells at me, loud enough for everyone in the vicinity to hear:

"Do you mind??? She's trying to talk!"

(semi-stunned pause, followed by quick end to voice-mail message)

"Uhh...the movie hasn't started yet, Pal."

"The woman is trying to talk! Shut up!"

(at this point, no disrespect to the girl, I'm pissed at this guy, and he's not getting off the hook)

"I paid to get in here, Bud, and until the movie starts, you can mind your own business."

"And I'm on the job, so either cool it or I'll have you escorted out of the theater."


Everyone was looking at us at this point, I had called his bluff with no delay. He looked around, then turned and sat quietly with his 2 kids.

Cue George: "On the job...That's our tax dollars hard at work, right there."


Went to the gym, watched half of The Last Samurai with C&M, then went with some of the guys to help Carey move some furniture up into her apartment, at 10 at night. Not your average day.

Saturday was fun! Driving range, where roomie and I learned that our friend Iain is a very, very good golfer. Also, there were groundhogs about 40 yards out, and after 15-20 tries, I succeeded in connecting with one. About half swing on my pitching wedge. On to the beach! Ocean Grove, NJ. Fun town, owned by the Methodists (yes, you read it right), beaches not too crowded.

A long run on the boardwalk, some bodysurfing / floating, lots of volleyball. Late in the afternoon, driving rain moves in and escorts everyone off of the beach, leaving it to myself, which was nice. Dinner courtesy of some friends whose parents have a small beach house, which is right down the block from the amphitheater (used on Sundays for church). Third Day was awesome, as usual. One of the roomie's friends is a good friend of Mac Powell, so we ALMOST got to meet the band. Just missed them. ARGH. Next time. Next time. I had the sharpie in my pocket, ready to rock. Camera strapped on. argh.

Today I slept in and lounged. Church this evening, then Pizza with Titus and Cregan and the roomie.

Commence the nightly battle to fall asleep.

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