Working bonkers hours, yet I still find time for web- browsing. Priorities. I've really only hopped on to surf like twice, and they've been power-sessions (read: scanning del.icio.us' popular list. Haven't even seen good old MeFi once yet this week. Its kind of becoming my Saturday morning indulgence - like cartoons for a kid or something. Annnnyway...

Seven career killers.

Name that business model.

I got the Greasemonkey Scripts running for Gmail and have started using keyboard shortcuts for my email and...just...wow. Thanks to Lifehacker.

Someday, I want to get a rocking job. And I want to get it the way this guy did.

I started playing with this aim bot thing today but got bored after about 3 minutes. But its still kind of a cool idea.

That's all. Doing the carnival this week really took it out of me, blog-wise.

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