CBS is showing the first round of March Madness online for free.

Ten reasons
young people are afraid to become entrepreneurs.

Haven't gotten this working yet, but the idea sounds cool.

Hard to describe...but cool.

Big numbers.

Light is bad. At least at night.

Holy goodness.

Another free WiFi spot locator.

Only in NYC.

Freeline is like skateboarding sans board. Have it shipped by mid-July to make it in time for my birthday.

Think the Avian Flu isn't coming to get us? The big finanicals (Smith Barney, CitiGroup) are already planning on it.

And if the flu doesn't get you, you're probably going down on an airplane while some cheerleader chats up her boyfriend on the cell phone.

These long days in the office have been giving me the desktop blues.

Next Google goodness alert: Google Calendar (login site, but not the actual product, is already up).

How big is Myspace?

The most expensive thing in the world by weight / volume is Treskilling Yellow.

Vivisimo is a clustering search program. I haven't played with it much, but I am still sure of one thing: Google still rules.

I actually have a good deal more, but that's it for now. Obviously I found some time to surf at some point this week. But it wasn't today, when I worked 15 hours straight. Ugh.

Tomorrow: whining about my short weekend, and an update on the Mustard Seed School basketball season (short story - we're going to the big dance, baby!).

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